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The future of maintenance
Through Ncore, maintentance and facility operations
become streamlined
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NCORE unleashes
the power of simplicity
With a simple touch on a screen, maintenance, progress on tasks,
alerts and much much more are displayed, optimised for
end-user operability
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Eliminate massive stacks
of maintenance papers
In addition, eliminate hundreds of maintenance phone calls a month!
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Preventive Maintenance and Asset Management System

NCORE is a modern CMMS platform developed to help you run and monitor preventive maintenance tasks as well as manage company’s assets and equipment.

NCORE aims to raise productivity and create business rules by rational management and control of maintenance tasks. It optimally exploits resources and monitors the life cycle of your assets.

An organized and automated asset maintenance system extends the life span of assets and ensures a better return on investment
Monitoring of assets by location, employee or intervention conducted potentially enables automated procurement planning

Linking with financial systems makes it possible to determine asset values ​​and plan expenditures
Simple “mobile-first” asset management using the QR Code technology makes everything look “so obvious”

The operator confirms the completion of each operation, so the supervisor can monitor it in real time
On-site video stream shortens the time and raises the quality of each performed operation

Existing tablet devices or smartphones are sufficient for NCORE, just log in via PIN
Take a photo of any broken equipment and instantly transfer the image to the NCORE server


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Preventive Maintenance System

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NCORE has a great set of options that we use to define organization and procedures, and everything needed for work is available on the mobile device screen

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Advantages of Using the NCORE System
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Important process information becomes transparent, and it's easy to check your asset's current operating status or usage history

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NCORE is an extensively tested system through which a user monitors assets, organization, problems, work tasks and material consumption in real time, and can affect the execution of each individual task. The reasons for using NCORE are numerous, and one of the basic is to enter the digital age of reliable and efficient organizations.

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