Advantages of using the NCORE system

Valuable business information becomes transparent to the management, and it’s easy to check any asset’s current operational status or usage history

The probability of sudden failures is reduced to a minimum due to continuous monitoring and regular maintenance. Regular maintenance also extends service life of the equipment.

Accelerated workflows powered by easy creation of work tasks and user friendly operator app.

Important business information becomes transparent to the management. It is very easy to check, for example, the current operating status or usage history. Such data can be used to improve the organizational system.

Based on the collected statistical data, detailed reports on equipment or employees are provided and various aspects of the process are measured, all in order to make better use of all available resources.

A book of procedures (or procedures guidebook) is created – processes are systematized and standardized, which is the key for efficient business.

Using NCORE largely reduces the training time of the operators. Employees get pre-generated work tasks on a mobile or tablet device as soon as they log on using their PIN.

Since all equipment is tracked, it is possible to reduce and optimize inventory by not buying more than what is needed, in order to save money.

Using NCORE leads to significant savings in business operations. Preventive maintenance and asset management system can be used together or each application separately.