NCORE is an extensively tested system through which a user monitors the organization, irregularities, work tasks and material consumption in real-time – and can alter the execution of each individual task. The reasons for using NCORE are numerous, and one of the basic ones is having reliable and efficient organization.


NCORE has been tested in extremely demanding organizations and diverse business sectors and has proved that its implementation largely meets the needs of the organization in which it is implemented (without further modifications).


NCORE is created on using the modern Microsoft technology that guarantee longevity and systematic monitoring of technological changes to keep up with time. The system is being continuously upgraded, ensuring a high level of stability and data security. Databases are regularly backed up and encrypted using the built-in backup systems.


No additional IT investment in hardware is required for the implementation of the NCORE system if the user does not want it. From a technical point of view – this is a web application that can be found within the Net Projekt Cloud or can be located on internal web servers within the company (on premise).


NCORE fully adapts to the requirements of each organization and it is possible to upgrade depending on your wishes and needs. NCORE platform is extremely flexible and easy to manage.

Ease of use

In addition to high availability and flexibility, the NCORE platform is extremely user friendly. To use and manage the system, the operators do not need advanced IT skills, as the system is tailored for users to work on mobile devices. Work processes become fully automated to optimize resource utilization, minimize the possibility of errors, and lead to rationalization of the business. The operator is guided through the task step by step, so he/she doesn’t have to be extensively trained to use the system or to have a detailed knowledge of the standard operating procedures.

Graphic look

NCORE’s extra advantage is a stylish, simple and eye-pleasing graphic user interface that is aimed to be easier to navigate and use. We pay a lot of attention to the 3-click approach (everything is available in up to three mouse clicks) to make the system useful, usable, and fast.


Quick and easy data processing within the application and manual or automated transfer to a number of other programs for further analysis of the results obtained (creating reports in the Excel table, creating tasks automatically in Outlook, etc.). All collected data and reports can be used through APIs in any other program e.g. in finances, procurement or similar.